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The Portal uses mobile phone verification to help ensure that users are verified (just like online banking).

This means you will receive a code to your mobile phone each time you log in to the Portal. This safeguards your security on the Portal.

The benefits of this include:

  • Improved security and user experience
  • Self-service password reset

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Welcome to the Adoption Tusla Portal

The Tusla Portal allows you to make a secure online application for a Birth Information and Tracing Service.
Help: If you have questions or require any help with the portal application process, or any other aspect of the Birth Information and Tracing Act, you may contact us on tel: 0818 44 55 00 / email: birthinfo@tusla.ie and we will be happy to provide you with further assistance and support.
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Birth Information and Tracing Services

The Birth Information and Tracing Act 2022 recognises the importance of a person knowing their origins and will give people access to information about their identity at birth. It provides for a statutory tracing service and gives Tusla greater powers to search for, and identify persons being sought through this service.
Apply: To apply for access to your birth and early life information held by Tusla or if you wish to trace a relative, please take the few short steps that follow by creating a portal account.
Your Portal Account: Once you have created a portal account you can complete an application form for Birth Information and Tracing Services. To create an account please click on Create a Portal Account at the top, righthand side of the screen.
Web Browser: We advise using the Chrome web browser for your Portal Application